Songkran Festival Hua Hin (April 13, 2009)

Known the world-over for its characteristic tradition of water-throwing ranging from a courteous sprinkle or a polite splash, to harmless water pistols and showers from garden hoses to the well-aimed bucket or water-cannon delivered in a festive spirit. Without a doubt, on the practical side, Songkran is a refreshing solution to "beating the heat" in the hottest season of the year. There is a however a much deeper significance to "Songkran".

Apart from marking a new beginning, Songkran is also a time for thanksgiving. It is an important time for individuals to reflect upon the many acts of kindness and thoughtfulness each has personally experienced and to remember how such acts of generosity and compassion bring peace, happiness and well-being. Songkran is also the time for reunions and family ties are renewed.

At the heart of each Thai custom and tradition, there is always a logical reason for its existence. The festive elements of the celebration, the cultural values, the social code of conduct and individual belief and practices are intertwined. Songkran embodies the traditional Thai cultural values.

The underlying significance of Songkran is the process of cleansing and purification - the purging of all ills, misfortune and evil and starting the New Year afresh with all that is good and pure. Water is symbolic of the cleaning process and signifies purity.


Hua Hin Municipality to Celebrate 100th Anniversary

Hua Hin Municipality to Celebrate 100th Anniversary
To celebrate its 100th anniversary and the establishment of its municipality on 1 October 2009, Hua Hin is preparing various festivities throughout this year, according to Hua Hin Mayor Mr. Jira Pongphaiboon, members of Hua Hin Municipality and the Nation Group Managing-Director Mr. Thanachai Theerapattanawong.

Now, the organizers are planning several activities for the occasion. To name but a few are Hua Hin VIP Train Live Concert, Hua Hin Fair and Hua Hin Film Festival. Besides, there will be a concert on the beach in which over 100 artists from Thailand and many other countries are joining.

The Hua Hin VIP Train Live Concert, organized by Oriental Express Standard, will provide a luxurious trip around Hua Hin. A banquet will be held during the trip to many well-preserved architectural heritage of the city.

The Hua Hin Fair, starting from April to May, will see a show of both traditional and current fashion trends in Thailand.

The Hua Hin Live Concert will see the biggest car rally ever from Bangkok to Hua Hin. Music lovers will enjoy a concert performed by many fine artists in romantic atmosphere.

Movie buffs will be pleased to join in the Hua Hin Film Festival where short films using Hua Hin as a shooting location are screened. There is also a movie competition and the awarding winning film will be showed in Hua Hin and the upcoming World Film Festival in Bangkok.

Besides the festive activities, Hua Hin authorities will carry out a project of tree planting as a humble offer to His Majesty the King. Also, a book to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Hua Hin will be released. The publication recounts the history of this beautiful beachfront town much favored by Thai and foreign vacationers and gives detailed information on local tourist attractions.

The festivities, all planned in the beginning of February, aim to commemorate both the 100th anniversary and founding of the municipality of Hua Hin. Moreover, visitors who join the special occasion will gain an insight about the long-standing history of Hua Hin. Also, since it is expected that more tourists, both Thais and foreigners, will come to Hua Hin for all the year long, local economy will hopefully be boosted.


Hua Hin in 3 hours

Leisure Route around Hua Hin
It's not a bad idea to start from historic place-Hua Hin Railway station, where you can touch a feeling of Hua Hin in 1920s, when most people arrived and left this beach resort by train. This is a nice place to take a picture for your memory about Hua Hin.

Walk straight to the east on Damneonkasem Rd. ,you'll see Pon Kingpetch (1 st Thai boxing who won the World Boxing Champion) statue stands on the right side. Across the main Street-Petchkasem Rd. , pass the Post office you will find many of nice restaurants in European style especially Italian. Go furthermore to very end of the road; you will enter another symbolic place of Hua Hin-Sofitel Central Hotel (1 st hotel built in Hua Hin), where its landscape is unique by formed tree. Take some time relax at the Museum Caf? in the beautiful colonial architecture. (Suggest walking in from the side and outing at the main entrance.)

From the front of Sofitel Central's main entrance ( Naresdamari Rd. ), keep going on north, Hilton hotel seems to be a Landmark for Hua Hin already since more than 10 years ago (nice viewpoint on the 17 th floor). Just follow the light, many kind of restaurants, tailors, and souvenir shops along both side road well describe why some people name this path “the Golden Mile”. As you pass Hilton, small alley on the right will lead you to the terrace by the sea-another observation deck at the heart of Hua Hin.

All the way to the end, Fishing Pier is another spot that you could see Hua Hin in a wide skyline panorama. Coming in a right time, and you will see the nature sun beautifully set down behind the hill.

Back to Dechanuchit road, which leads you to the famous Hua Hin night market, where you could feel and touch the ordinary Thai way of life.

Approximate time spending : 2 hrs.
You may find a nice place for your dinner during your leisure trip.
After a walk at night Market, other choices of optional routes are available with some scattering retail stores along. Also, nightlife area is just a short distance away.